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Empower a girl child
1. Empowering girls and young women is not an ‘option’ for modern society — it should have already happened a long time ago. The following are some ways we can all help empower young women and girls to be the best that they can be. Provide education If you educate girls, you give them the power to conquer the world. An educated girl or young woman knows her rights. An educated woman can perform a job with her acquired skills. She will be able to take care of herself without being reliant on anybody. Education is among the activities for women’s empowerment that lays a foundation for how far a lady can go with her life.
2. Women empowerment should begin at the family level. Whether it is your wife or daughter, let them feel valued and equal to everyone else. Whether in the neighborhood or office, support women who need assistance and let them know that you care.
3.Invest in small businesses owned by women All over the world, small business owners are challenged with raising capital. Women are particularly disadvantaged due to historical or cultural reasons. Support a hardworking woman entrepreneur by way of advancing grants or a small loan. It can make a big difference.
4. . Be a mentor to a girl child Reach out to a girl in your community or wherever your heart is and be a source of encouragement. Girls in every society are impacted by violence, drugs, and bad influences. Your act of reaching out could be the saving grace in the life of a young girl.
5. Help young program, in a youth engagement program that will push them to learn and acquire a skill With the right skills, a young woman will be self-reliant, independent and strong. With the right mentorship from a youth engagement program, girls can take part in activities for women’s empowerment and also mentor other girls in their locality. This initiative should be taken to every area no matter how remote so that each and every girl or young woman benefits from such programs. Youth engagement services should also be accessible to every girl and young woman wherever they are. These youth engagement services will teach young women how to tackle life’s challenges and live a more productive life. If you instill the right values in a girl child when she is still young, she will grow up into a strong woman. Girls’ education can make a lifelong difference to not only an individual’s life but to the larger society.