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10 Examples of Sustainable Development
10 Examples of Sustainable Development

News about Amazon rainforest fires were going viral on the web recently and the situation is just deteriorating because of human activities such as mining and deforestation. This is where sustainable development plays a significant role to effectively balance our social and environmental needs to eventually give every single one of us a better, cleaner and safer world to live in. Despite number of organizations were already established to improve the overall quality of environment in Africa, it is undoubtedly written in the list of underdeveloped countries due to its low per capita income and high rate of unemployment.
Locations like Africa are the ones we should really first pay attention to.
1. Crop Rotation Process of planting various types of plants on the same land over the seasons as different plants take up different nutrients from the soil and so the same type of nutrient wouldn’t deplete through the effective use of crop rotation,which reduces the use of fertilizers that cause water pollution.

2.Solar Energy Converting light energy to electrical energy using solar cells is totally environmental-friendly and it is already intensively being used in sunshine places like Africa and China(check out the panda-shaped solar farm).

3.Water Treatment Despite 71% of Earth is covered with water, CLEAN water is still in demand in Africa. So please take actions by saving just half a bottle of water everyday.

4.Quality Education Going to school seems like a chore for every students but do keep in mind that with proper education, the difference that knowledge could bring to the world is unimaginable.

5.Gender Equality Education should also be provided to women, although this is the most fundamental part of improving our lives and yet it is still difficult for some of us to fully adapt to this particular belief.

6.Good Health Clean water and healthy food should be emphasized more in Africa as they are essential to their and our own survival on the planet.

7.Poverty Programs that provide food assistance and jobs opportunities are vital to constructively eliminate poverty over the globe.

8.Sustainable Construction Buildings that make use of resources made from recycled materials can effectively reduce harmful emissions.

9.Green spaces Including some green plants in places like South Africa as they can reduce heat transfer in buildings.

10.Peace With ongoing conflicts happening in Africa, projects of sustainable development aren’t going to contribute much so restricting them from occurring is one of the key steps.