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Challenges of sustainable development in Africa


Africa is known to be blessed with a lot of mineral resources, thus as a continent, wealth ought to be amassed by now. However, it seems that for a long time it seems Africa is hardly catching up with the west as the level of development is slow and hardly sustainable. This article is going to state some of the challenges impeding developments in Africa.

The first thing which appears to be a problem is unbridled corruption. For ages the word corruption has been used and overused which has reduced the effectiveness of the word and thus people hardly recognize when there is corruption and when it begins blooming beyond expectation. Africa has been blessed with resources which were initially lacking in the west and somehow because everyone is looking for a way to increase their pocket size, they decide to loot and instead of investing in the nation they seek to amass wealth for themselves. This has been a problem which has been openly criticized by many who are displeased by the trend, as it has come in the way of the development African nations dream to achieve. Anywhere corruption is, it is difficult for development to be sustained.

Extravagance of African Countries

Also, the extravagance which lies in African countries cannot go unnoticed. People would rather watch their countries die from penury than sacrifice their luxuries and unnecessary display of extravagance. This has limited the growth and development of many African countries. People would rather invest abroad than invest in their nations which would definitely decrease development. Individuals need to cut down on their frivolities and invest in their countries. They should also make great use of the resources and to a large extent stop depending on the west for everything. This way, development can be sustained.

Bad leadership has also been another challenge for most African countries. As we all know good leadership brings about development of a country and this covers all sectors of the country including the economy. However, Africa has had more of bad leaders who do not have the interest of the country at heart. This has led to the inability to preserve development as the leader makes every other person’s effort futile if he doesn’t have the will to sustain the little developments in the nation.

In conclusion, people say ignorance kills but I’ll say knowledge without effective application kills faster. Africa is blessed with resources which could make it one of the richest continents, however with the presence of corruption, unbridled corruption and bad leadership, sustaining development would be more of a dream never becoming a reality.