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International Day for the Abolition of Slavery
International day for slavery is generally remembered on December 2nd of every year. December 2nd was introduced as world slavery abolition day from the year 1986. People use this day to speak out the troubles of modern slavery. Students used to write articles about the atrocities of modern slavery on this day. School students are generally asked to convey speech regarding the violation of human rights on December 2nd.

Currently, slavery abolition day observed on December 2nd is not a public holiday. Public awareness programs on human rights are generally done on this slavery abolition day. Speech and poster ads regarding the importance of conserving human rights are made on slavery abolition day.

Slavery not only devalues a human but also destroys his or her personal life for temporary or permanent time period. As per records, hundreds of children are found to be as victims of human trafficking for child labor and sexual exploitation. Hence it is the need of people to stand up against modern slavery.

Records say that hundreds of people are dying due to human trafficking each day. Slavery is not only an issue affecting one single nation instead it affects the entire globe. People doing research on human rights and anti slavery policies can definitely raise their questions against human trafficking.

Slavery is generally against article four of human rights conservation. Article four clearly specifies slavery as against law that violates human rights. Hence students, especially law students are making use of slavery abolition day to expose the needs of human rights so as to abolish human trafficking and other means of slavery from society.

Symbol against slavery is depicted as a projected globe centered on North pole. Globe is surrounded by olive leaves on both sides to highlight the symbol of peace. Globe contain all continents except Antartica and four lines of latitudes. It is generally shown as white colored globe in blue background UN flag.