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International Day Of Peace 2019 – Change Care Foundation Event


Today sept 21st is world peace day and is celebrated by peace activist around the globe (but really who doesn’t want peace). From individuals to small groups to organizations and others all stand for one common goal; PEACE, this is when we are able to resolve our conflicts without violence and can work together to improve the quality our lives. These are very troubled times we are living in, wars from the east to the west, Africa in turmoil, not least of all, the ongoing Anglophone crisis in the NW and SW Regions of Cameroon Uncountable lives have been lost to the tune of 10,000 persons. These persons were fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and friends to different people. Their lives were not less meaningful than others, nor did they commit crimes.

Women Peacemakers

For this year’s world peace day event, we decided to engage women in their role to play as peacemakers/peace-builders woman is the basic foundation of society, women feeling the pain more during this crisis affecting the English speaking regions of Cameroon, women in the bushes no underpaid during menstrual cycle, they are the ones that are being raped, their husbands and sons killed. women are breadwinners of their families and now being IDPs is so difficult for them especially those who have lost their husbands in the ongoing crises. We met up with about 70 women from different works of lives and different households, these women shared their experiences, their coping strategies during these hard times and also their vision and their expectations from the various stakeholders who are responsible for a pathway towards peace.

The workshop began very timidly as everybodyworld peace day cameroon was new, but as the introductions went on; you could get the feeling this was going to be an amazing event. One thing from the onset you could feel was the fact that all of these women had lost something during these crises, be it a husband, source of income, a relative, a friend, etc, and they all came in their number for one common reason. A PROBLEM SHARED IS HALF SOLVED.