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What is the meaning of World Peace Day

International Day of Peace

The International Day of Peace, or World Peace Day as it is more commonly known, occurs annually on the 21st September. This United Nations event began back in 1981, and each year there is a specific theme attached to the day. In 2019, World Peace Day aims to boost awareness about climate change.

The day isn’t just about dealing with the ‘theme of the year’, though. It also aims to celebrate those who have worked hard to achieve peace around the world, and even to encourage ceasefires in certain conflicts. In fact, many conflict zones in Africa have seen permanent peace due to discussions that took place on World Peace Day. For those that haven’t seen permanent peace, the temporary ceasefire has at least allowed humanitarian workers to enter conflict zones to give much-needed medical assistance and food.

Promote Peace

The meaning of World Peace Day is to promote peace. It is about a coming together of ideas. The UN originally made the day to show that when we work together, there is a lot that we can accomplish. It isn’t just about bringing governments and various armies together to sort out their differences, though. It is also about making the normal person understand just how important peace in our time actually is. As a result, you will find several different events happening all over the world where people do activities to show respect for one another.

Working Towards Peace

So, really, International Peace Day is all about the world working towards peace. It is about people realizing that peace is not something which can happen overnight. It is not something that you can wish for. It is something that you need to physically work towards. If people don’t work towards it, then maybe it is at least making them realize that there is still conflict out there in the world. Conflict that many people may not be aware of because it does not generate news headlines. And maybe, just maybe, people can learn more about them and work out where they should focus their efforts in promoting peace.