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Why is world peace important?

Why is world peace important?

When we hear about war, we think of something really far away and movie-like. We might even think it is fun, because we have never experienced one. But war is real and has many, many consequences: people lose their belonging, their families, their lives and everything they know of. Those that survive have to choose between living in fear and suffering because they are surrounded by violence, or abandoning everything that they know, even their families, and risking everything so they can hopefully move to another country. This drama that seems so far away to us, is the daily reality of many people in conflict zones.

Peace in Conflict zones

That is why it is so important to attain world peace and make peace in conflict zones. Not only there is always a better way to resolve conflict than creating war, fighting and suffering for the citizens, but also conflict creates a lot of instability and fear in the areas where it happens: consequences like lack of food and water, economic difficulties, a loss of a great amount of people among many others create a big problem not only in the countries where the conflict happens, but in many other areas who need to hurry to gather resources to help those people that they sometimes can’t properly help because they don’t have the means; putting those who want to help in a very complicated and difficult situation where they have to make a hard choice themselves.

All in all, conflict and war are both realities that are very painful and complicated for those living in them, and they have terrible, long-lasting effects in the countries where it happens and also in those wanting to help. To stop the difficulties that this people are suffering and prevent further problems, it is important to achieve world peace.