Each year, the world celebrates World Peace Day. Obviously, this means many people start asking the question about why we need a specific day as a celebration of world peace, when it is something that we should be aiming for every single day. Well, the answer is quite simple.

World peaceworld peace

     World Peace Day exists so that we can create awareness of certain issues which are impacting peace around the world. Issues that most people will not think about normally, either because they do not know how to do anything about them, or they are simply not told that they exist. For example; in 2019, World Peace Day is dedicated to climate change. In previous years, it has been dedicated to specific work that the UN has carried out over the years.

World Peace Day

  When World Peace Day rolls around, you will start to notice that there are various events held in many, many countries around the world. While some of them are nothing more than a social event, others discuss proper social issues. They raise awareness of conflicts around the globe which may have fallen out of our minds, and may never have existed in the first place.

     World Peace Day aims to show that peace is not something that we can think about and then it happens. Peace, just like most things in this life, is something that needs to be worked towards. On the day, people share ideas about achieving peace in the world. They donate money. They are simply more active than they would normally be. This is on top of the other ‘events’ that may be happening. For example; the UN encourages ceasefires on World Peace Day, which has actually helped to stopped certain armed conflicts, or allowed UN workers to deliver aid to certain places.

    Sure, we are not going to achieve peace just by celebrating this day. But, it does allow people to take a more proactive approach to improving this planet, and that is a fantastic ‘first step’.

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