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Civil unrest and education

The Forgotten Casualty

One unintended, and quite sadly overlooked, casualty of war is the education of the youth in a war torn region. Yes it is true that with images of mutilated bodies and videos of firefights in the city streets it is quite easy to overlook this issue. But death is sudden, final and wounds often heal. But the effects of poor (or a complete lack) of education last for the lifetime of those young people who are deprived of it.
War is a gruesome thing. And when it makes its way into the population centers the families who live there are forced away or forced into a place where leaving their home for anything non essential can be deadly. Young men are needed for the fighting, bombs are detonated in the streets, and schools are often closed. A scenario such as this not only exposes youth to the horrific trauma and human tragedy of war, but also deprives them of their education and all that comes with it. Knowledge that is essential to functioning as an adult in the modern world will not be provided to them. And these unfortunate young people will not be able to benefit from the vast amount of social development that happens within the walls of a school.

In these conflict addled regions education is often given in some form or fashion, but it is a stunted version if it is provided at all. And if a region is plagued by a conflict for a long period of time then the effects described above will be very lasting to the nation as a whole. Education is a casualty of war that is very easily overlooked, and for reasons that are quite obvious. But it is a factor that should not be overlooked. As its effects echo louder and longer than the detonation of any bomb.