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Horrors of Sexual Abuse in Conflict Zone

The Importance of Recording the Horrors of Sexual Abuse in Conflict Zone

Sadly, sexual abuse continues to be used as a weapon of violence in conflict zones around the world. For example, the report from the United Nations Commission of Inquiry cited the case of Syria where women and children are being victimized by perpetrators of conflict. A whole generation of Syrians, especially women and children, are severely affected physically and mentally by these unacceptable crimes.

Thousands are struggling with teenage pregnancy

Young mothers who are rape victims are in a dilemma. Will you raise a child who may remind you of a painful experience? In this view, it is crucial for international organizations such as the United Nations and leading governments like the United States and the United Kingdom to intensify their efforts to help the victims.

Immediate assistance should be given to pregnant women to ensure that they are healthy. Because of sexual abuse, somesexual violence pregnant women are inflicted by sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), which endanger the lives of mothers and their unborn children. Aside from urgent medical intervention, psychological help should also be given to victims of sexual violence. Wounds and infections can be healed, but it takes a lot of effort and compassion to heal a broken spirit. More volunteers are needed to commune with the victims. They need support from compassionate people who can uplift them and make them stronger to face the challenges ahead. But aside from physical and mental support, international organizations should also intensify their efforts to record the atrocities.

Careful and comprehensive documentation of these heinous crimes is crucial to make sure that perpetrators will be held accountable. No person deserves to experience sexual abuse. There are a lot of things we can do to make sure that people in conflict zones will stop living under fear. I hope that one day, we can really achieve long-lasting peace.