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Importance of peace building and conflict resolution
Importance of peacebuilding and conflict resolution. Even today in the 21st century, humans still cause each other pain and suffering. Reasons can vary, from religious intolerance to exploitation of natural resources. The reasons do not matter. War must never be acceptable. Here we’ll provide you with reasons why peacebuilding in conflict zones and conflict resolution, in general, are important.


Take the continent of Africa for example. It has been plagued with war for centuries. What are the results of that? Misery, poverty, and lack of development. Peacebuilding and conflict resolution are key factors in creating a prosperous society and people. There can be no prosperity while the sounds of bombs and bullets dominate the air.


Only the most inhuman among us enjoy war, tension, and conflict. Most of us yearn for and deserve peace and cooperation. Conflict resolution leads to peace and understanding, making everyone happier and more satisfied.


Without tolerance, there will always be conflict. Tolerance increases through communication. Communication between two sides at war can only be achieved if they are motivated to reach an agreement and end the violence. If an agreement is reached, communication must continue, which is why peacebuilding in conflict zones is so important.


Even if you think that the side you’re fighting against deserves to be eradicated, killed or defeated, would you say the children caught on the wrong side deserve the same? Is every one of your rockets, bombs or artillery shells going to hit the strategic non-civilian target? No, that’s not going to happen. There WILL be civilian casualties, and even one civilian casualty makes whatever it is you’re fighting for worthless. Children are always the ones who suffer in war zones. They do not understand why. They lose their mothers, their fathers, their whole families for a reason they cannot yet understand. Children are, literally, the future. Peacebuilding in conflict zones and conflict resolution are keys to providing the children caught in war zones with a happy, healthy childhood.

Hopefully, we’ve provided some insight and convincing reasons to help you see why peacebuilding in conflict zones and conflict resolution are crucial for creating a safe, normal environment.