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Economic Development in the Concept of Sustainable Development
Sustainable development is a human effort to improve the quality of life while still not supporting the life-supporting ecosystem. Today the problem of sustainable development has been carried out as an important issue that needs to socialize in the community. From the various concepts available, there are formulations of the basic principles of each element of sustainable development. In this case, there are four components to consider, namely, equity, diversity, integration, and long-term perspective.

Development That Guarantees Equity and Social Justice

Equity-oriented development and social justice must base on things such as the equitable distribution of land resources and sustainable developmentfactors of production, the equal role, and opportunities of women, the equitable distribution of the economy with a balanced distribution of welfare. But equity is not something that can be directly achieved. Equity is a concept, relative, and not directly measurable.

Development Respects Diversity

Biodiversity preservation is a prerequisite for ensuring that natural resources are available for the present and the future in a sustainable manner. Biodiversity is also the foundation for the equilibrium of ecosystems. Maintaining cultural diversity will foster equitable treatment for all and enhance understanding of the traditions of different cultures.

Development Using an Integrative Approach

Sustainable development prioritizes the human-nature connection. Human beings have a positive or harmful effect on natureandquot; utilizing an understanding of the relationship between natural systems and social systems. By using this understanding, the implementation of more integrative development is the concept of development implementation that can be made possible. It is a major challenge in the institution.

Development That Requests a Long-Term Perspective

Communities tend to value the present more than the future; the implications of sustainable development are the challenges underlying this assessment. Sustainable development requires an assessment that is different from the normal assumptions in the discounting procedure. Long-term perception is a perspective of sustainable development. Until now, the short-term framework has dominated the thinking of economic decision-makers and therefore needs to be considered.

Finally, as a simple concept but covering a broad dimension, the search for a concept of sustainability that meets the expectations of all parties will continue. It hoped that the development of existing concepts and models will always emerge.