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World Aids Day 2019
World Aids Day is a day where people all around the world unite and gathers all their strengths to fight against HIV. It would usually be held on the 1st of December. Besides that, people also would provide some moral support to those that are infected by HIV so that they would not lose hope in their life.

The first World Aids Day was held in the year of 1988 and it is considered to be the first health day that is being held globally. On a global scale, there are approximately 33 million people that are infected with the virus. Despite the fact that HIV was identified in 1984, a total of 35 million people have lost their life due to this virus which makes it one of the deadliest diseases ever recorded in history.

Currently, rapid scientific development has resulted in some forms of treatment for people that are infected with this virus to help them cope with it. Apart from that, laws are also being enforced to protect the people that are infected with this virus and we also have a lot more to understand about it. Even though a lot of things have been done to educate the public about this virus, there are still a lot of people that do not have the essential facts that are needed to protect themselves from this virus.

World Aids Day plays an important role in informing the public about this virus and reminding both the public as well as the government the fact that this virus is still a deadly virus that needed to watch out for. Hence, there is a crucial need to spread awareness and raise some funds so that we would be able to manage this virus in an improved way in the future.