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Sustainable development and its importance in Africa

Sustainable development and its importance in Africa

What is Sustainable development? Sustainable development is a way to use natural resources without damaging the planet and its people, and at the same time contributing in the growth of a country’s economy. It focuses on using these natural resources in a way where today’s needs are met without harming the needs of tomorrow. The main idea of Sustainable development is to make sure the resources are properly utilized between the present and the future generations in order to lead a better quality of life for all. It is also a key to achieve social and environmental well-being of the people, and a stable economic growth for a country.

Why is Sustainable development important?

Africa is a developing nation and its economy is growing at a fast speed. It is a land with rich natural resources and minerals. For the prosperity of a country and its people, it is important to utilize the resources properly in right direction. By changing the way we think, work and use these resources we are contributing in sustainable development.

Furthermore, sustainable development makes sure the social progress of a person and encourages education to remove un-employment. It is an important system that will help in removing hunger and reduce poverty. It also makes sure the protection of environment and healthy lives for everyone. In order to achieve Sustainable development in Africa it is important to have a proper social, economic and environment balance.

This balance will help in protecting the natural resources and working towards the prosperity of people which will make sure that everyone is getting the basic needs of life, that is: food, water, sanitation, health, employment and energy. Every person, man or a woman has the right to live a healthy life in a clean and a safe environment. Sustainable development helps in getting this life by helping each other to prosper with the country and create a better future for the coming generations.